Health & Safety SA

Safety made simple


Health & Safety SA is a nation-wide company with consultants working throughout the country.  The establishment of this dynamic consulting group is aligned with the increasing demand for relevant and affordable service provision within the industry.


Our consultants will assist your company to adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act by providing professional and economical health and safety solutions. We’re committed to support you in all aspects of your company’s health and safety initiatives and objectives by providing a variety of effective and efficient safety management services.


Health & Safety SA can be contracted to implement a H & S management system, and provide ongoing monitoring and training of employees.  We provide confidential safety and health advice to all businesses committed to improving workplace safety and health. We make safety simple.


What is Occupational Health and Safety?

In 1993 this Act was initiated as a legal standard for the protection of employees in the workplace.  It is referred to as the OSH Act or OSHA, and has several regulations.  Policing is done by the Departments of Labour and of Health.


Why Implement the OSHA

  • It is a legal requirement for EVERY enterprise!


Implementing Health and Safety in your company provides numerous benefits:

  • Protocol implementation will assist in increasing company profitability.
  • Protection against civil prosecution by employees, clients or members of the public.
  • Insurance underwriters may lower your risk rating
  • Employee productivity improvement
  • Reduces workplace injuries
  • Improved safety Culture


What will Health & Safety SA do for YOU?

We assess hazards in your workplace, assign risk ratings and offer recommendations for corrective action.  Your workforce will be trained to implement protocols to achieve and maintain compliance. Monitoring and auditing of the business will be carried out as frequently as necessary for your company’s specific needs.



Health & Safety SA

Safety made simple


Dynamic professionals to help you remain compliant to the Health & Safety Law.